HACARUS provides AI solutions tailored to your challenges - enabling automation and streamlining of visual inspections.

The HACARUS Check Series is an AI solution that combines HACARUS's unique AI technology with hardware. It enables automation of visual inspections that were previously impossible, including 360-degree inspections, and its highly adaptive configuration allows for use case specific implementations. HACARUS' strength lies in providing the most suitable AI for your operational environment and offering one-stop AI solutions customized to your business needs - enabled by best-in-class technology.

Choose the right configuration based on target tasks and objectives.

I want to automate visual inspections of surfaces, such as die-cast.

Within 1kg


Over 1kg


I want to automate visual inspection of mirror-finished parts such as plated products.

I want to automate the inspection of small components like rubber products inline.

I want to achieve full automation of visual inspections.

I have inspection equipment, but I want to improve the accuracy of defect detection with AI.

I have inspection equipment but want a system that can respond to subtle changes in workpieces over time.

I want the ability to handle an increased variety of inspection targets & products in-house.

I want to automate the inspection processing with minimal setup costs.

I want to significantly reduce the setup time for inspections.

Series List

  • For those considering full automation
  • Compatible with all parts

HACARUS Check for

In collaboration with FANUC's collaborative robot CRX series, it is now possible to achieve fully unmanned 360° inspections. With no limitations on work size, it can handle comprehensive inspections of large-sized objects and can also adapt to small-batch, multi-variety production through in-house capabilities.

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Fully automated 360° inspection

[ CFCD-1000 ]


Achieving full unmanned operation by utilizing two robots, one for inspection purposes and the other for material handling and transportation.

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Single-sided semi-automatic inspection

[ CFCS-1000 ]


Simply place the workpiece without the need for flipping, and the robot and AI will initiate the inspection process.

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CRX Option

Includes first time setup
FANUC CRX-compatible
peripheral devices
with plug-in support.

[ CFCO-2000 ]

HACRUS will provide initial setup including robot operations.

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User customization support
FANUC CRX-compatible
peripheral devices
with plug-in support.

[ CFCO-1000 ]

For subsequent installations, including the second unit and beyond, you can handle all the setup in-house.

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  • For small parts up to 1kg

HACARUS Check Series

HACARUS original all-in-one package. A compact AI visual inspection system for small parts, with 360° image capture and inspection using collaborative robots.

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Small die-cast parts

[ CRBC-2023 ]


The flagship model of HACARUS Check for hand-sized inspection targets - enabling inspection of die-cast parts that were previously impossible.

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HACARUS Check Option

Imaging Kit

[ CBOX-1000 ]


An imaging environment kit that significantly reduces setup time and can also be used as a simplified inspection device.

  • Equipped with all products
  • Available for software only

HACARUS Check AI Software

The AI developed uniquely by HACARUS repeatedly learns from dozens of quality product data, achieving automation of visual inspections with accuracy equivalent to experienced inspectors. It is integrated into the entire HACARUS Check series and can also be used as software only if you already have the hardware.

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Series List

Product nameModelTarget inspectionEstimated initial
introduction price
(including tax).
HACARUS CheckCRBC-2023Inspection of hand-sized die-cast parts.$131,000.00
CBOX-1000Performance Verification of AI visual inspection (can also be used as a simplified inspection device).$21,000.00
CFCD-1000Fully automated 360° inspection.$207,000.00
CFCS-1000Inspection without the need for workpiece reversal.$131,000.00
CFCO-2000Wanting to start inspections while keeping costs low.$96,000.00
CFCO-1000Wanting to expand the scope of possible in-house implementation or introduction on the second line as much as possible for inspections.$69,000.00

※ Costs are updated every 3 months.

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We are currently seeking sales distributors who can assist with the introduction and support of HACARUS Check series.


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