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Enabling Complete Automation
of Visual Inspections

HACARUS Check for

In collaboration with FANUC's collaborative robot CRX series, it is now possible to achieve fully unmanned 360° inspections. With no limitations on work size, it can handle comprehensive inspections of large-sized objects and can also adapt to small-batch, multi-variety production through in-house capabilities.

Product Features

for FANUC CRX Series

By integrating the FANUC CRX series with the HACARUS Check AI software, which specializes in small-batch, high-quality, and high-speed learning, we have enhanced versatility and increased flexibility for quality inspections.


Capable of handling small-batch, multi-variety production in-house.
No restrictions on workpiece size or weight
No additional development requests or costs

  • HACARUS selects the cameras and lighting. Depending on the work and inspection requirements, additional hardware such as a robotic hand may be necessary.
  • The software is ready to use after installation from a USB drive and can be easily programmed with FANUC's dedicated TP (Teaching Pendant) tablet.

Product Details

From fully automated visual inspection packages, we also offer options for those who wish to reduce the cost of implementation.

Fully automated 360° inspection

[ CFCD-1000 ]


Achieving full unmanned operation by utilizing two robots, one for inspection purposes and the other for material handling and transportation.

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Single-sided semi-automatic inspection

[ CFCS-1000 ]


Simply place the workpiece without the need for flipping, and the robot and AI will initiate the inspection process.

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We also provide options for customers with their own hardware and minimize costs during the implementation process.

Includes first time setup
FANUC CRX-compatible peripheral devices with plug-in support.

[ CFCO-2000 ]

HACARUS will provide initial setup including robot operations.

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User customization support
FANUC CRX-compatible peripheral devices with plug-in support.

[ CFCO-1000 ]

For subsequent installations, including the second unit and beyond, you can handle all the setup in-house.

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We can also make proposals other than the above line-up, so please feel free to contact us.

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How long does it take to install?

The minimum time to start test operation is 3 months.

I would like to purchase CRX for our own company.

Please select the options you prefer.

Can I buy from a distributor?

Yes,It is possible. Please contact HACARUS for more information.

Can we test our own workpieces to see if they can be inspected?

After the initial online meeting, please send us samples of 5 to 10 good products and defective products to our company for verification. We will conduct the necessary tests and validation using these samples.

How much does it cost?

Please check the product detail page.

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