Sustainable AI for Visual Inspections -
Automatically Detecting Anomalies and Defects.


Product Features

HACARUS Check offers a unique solution that can drastically reduce the time needed for visual inspection using high-performance AI.

HACARUS Check Options

Image Capture Bundle

Complete AI Software, Camera, Lighting & Enclosure kit -
enabling a controlled environment for
visual inspections.

Standalone AI Software

Versatile software only option, including packaged no-code app, with on-prem or cloud deployment options as well as SDK / API for integration.

Image Capture Bundle
Example Use Cases

Factory Automation


Inspection Line

The benefits of using HACARUS Check Image Capture Bundle

Image Capture Bundle Contents

Inspection Camera, Inspection Lens, Lighting, Camera Cables, Enclosure, Camera Assembly Stand
*The Enclosure and Camera Assembly Stand are built by the user. Instructional video included (approx. 21min build time)
AI Visual Inspection Software with six month developer's license
*AC Adapter, POE HUB, LAN Cable, and Computer not included. Computer can be added as an additional option.


Standalone AI Software
Example Use Case

Image capturing hardware is prepared by the user OR Image capturing hardware is already in use


User needs AI Inspection Software OR current inspection solution suffers from overdetection and/or low accuracy

The benefits of using HACARUS Check AI Software

Product Configuration


SDK Base

SDK Base

UI Based

UI Based


Computer not included but can be added as an additional option


Selected Reference Clients


Human Centric
HACARUS Check is designed to aid operators and provide superior insights - helpful features such as heat maps and bounding boxes help humans detect issues faster.
AI Creation
AI models are tailored to each customers inspection target ensuring that it is uniquely adept at detecting anomalies and defect for the target environment.
Easy Operation
Intuitive user interface allows for no code operation - get started with building inspection models within minutes, with minimal input data - highly accurate results from as little as 20 samples.


  • Reduce inspection time

    HACARUS AI models are especially good at detecting anomalies and errors that conventional machine vision systems miss - this leads to a significant reduction in the amount of time human inspectors need to spend for manual inspections and reclassifications.

  • Improvement of inspection accuracy

    AI enables visual inspection that was difficult to achieve with existing inspection systems or automated operator interfaces (AOI). Accuracy is continuously increased by accumulating data with the goal of improving future manufacturing processes.

  • Digitization of skilled labor know-how

    Training new inspectors can be very costly. HACARUS AI models help convert the knowledge and skills of seasoned inspectors and greatly reduces training costs.

Inspection Targets Covered

HACARUS Check can detect surface level defects on a wide range of objects such as 3D die-cast, press-worked, automotive, metal, plastics, semiconductors and leather.

Detect defects such as

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Casting Issues
  • Uneven Patterns
  • Dirt