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Software Price

Developer's License Runtime license


Bundle of 5 licenes

License renewal fee, the following year onwards

$7,000.00 / year

※ Costs are updated every 3 months.

What is a Runtime license?

A perpetual license to use the model developed with the HACARUS Check AI developer's license for inspections in production. The runtime license includes the ability to retrain deloyed model to adapt to changes in inspection target over time.

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※ The runtime license is a one-time purchase and up to 5 machines can be used per license.


Is annual renewal of the Developer's license mandatory?

No, but recommended. If we take the example of an increase or change in product variations, with annual renewal, you can create an unlimited number of models to accommodate those changes. On the other hand, if you do not have an active annual renewal, you would need to purchase a new development license to create a new model. Therefore, we recommend annual renewal to ensure smooth continuity and flexibility in model creation.

What is a runtime license?

This is a perpetual license for using AI models created with the Developer's license on the production line. Sold in bundle of 5 licenses, the cost is a flat fee of 7,000 USD.

HACARUS can provide a one-stop solution from AI software to hardware. We can propose the necessary cameras, lighting, and equipment for image inspection according to your needs. Please feel free to consult with us.

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